• Smart Gift professionally working on acrylic household item which is very useful for our daily use. Our team making a high quality household items using acrylic materials to make a high quality products to make customer satisfied in every design structure of the product. The offering products is Drawers, Tray, Tissue boxes, Acrylic office stand, trash containers, The Fabricator teams ensure all of the product quality is the best at any forms.
  • Turn your house into a home smart gift products with a high class quality made. smart gift provides a variety of items for your household needs with the quality at its best in a very reasonable price.
  • Smart Gift have management of the insisted customer-respect, good faith cooperation, the operating principles, the full implementation of quality and environmental management system.


Our production team is the one who will make it all process for the cutting and pasting and bending for every each acrylic item. We made this household items step by step procedure to make it perfect and elegant professional looks for the household industries.

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