Smart Gifts offering acrylic cuttings works. we can make customise works for our customer as per order they want for they projects or products. Smart Gift works on so many decades so we assure our works is trust and high quality all the time. Smart Gift acrylic laser cutting service turns your vector designs into custom cut acrylic products for businesses and agencies. What can you make by laser cutting acrylic Absolutely anything, one of the most modern and progressive methods of processing various materials. This is the best service in the market for cutting and other is engraving. You can even make custom promotional products. It’s the most popular material for a reason

Controlled Laser Cutting

– Surely high productivity

– No waste

– Turns into cut-out parts

– Best way to handle and easily destructible or deformable materials

  • Small or big design details are now achieved using laser cut and CNC technologies. We easily achieve high quality cutting for small and large parts. and the precision levels and edge quality achieved with laser cut are better than traditional cutting methods.

  • Cutting up to 20mm acrylic thickness, laser cutting leaves a clean edge that does’t require further polishing. and the laser beam can be done by a special lens, or by a curved mirror, and this takes place in the laser cutting head.

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