• Smart Gift Advertising we provide a plotter services much like a printer that is used for printing vector graphics. Instead of toner, plotters use a pen, pencil, marker, or another writing tool to draw multiple. This is the one best tool we can provide to make a high quality works and customer feel satisfied with ours production. and these plotter devices have more or less been phased out by wide format printers. Plotters are used to produce a hard copy of schematics and other similar applications.
  • Our Designer the one who handle graphic vectors design and make it and deliver to plotter machine. we are using the recommended software for these service to ensure we can make a high quality finish product.

Plotter Advantages

  • Plotters can work on very large sheets of paper while maintaining high resolution.
  • They can print on a wide variety of flat materials including papers, sheet steel, cardboard, and plastic.
  • Plotters allow the same pattern to be drawn thousands of times without any image degradation.

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