• Smart Gift provide high quality printing services in Dubai since 1990! We specialize in screen printing services to cover your printing needs. we are your one-stop print shop. Smart Gift professionally working on custom screen printing on shirts, lanyard, bag, stickers and more. Our full range of print services to a variety of clients operating across many different industry. We are a one-stop shop for all your printing requirement, we can ensure all of your needs for printing aspects are guarantee high quality finish product at any forms.
  • Screen printing is a method in which ink is applied directly to the surface to be printed.we can customize and print your products with excellent quality, perfect color reproduction and durability. we do screen printing for mugs, bottles , promotional bags notebooks and many other. The designs printed with this method are very fine and of high quality.

Advantage of Screen Printing

  • Lasting Effect – The composition and thickness of ink used in screen printing method placed the design with more stress. This will help in printing the high quality of design.
  • Quality Output – Vibrant colors are produced with screen printing method that is hard to replicate by other printing techniques. Due to this reason, the output created with this method are of fine quality.
  • Versatility – It can be done on almost any surface as long as it is flat, fabric, wood, plastic and even metal, among many others.
  • Economical – It is very economical for short runs of suitable subjects and so widely used for show cards, posters etc.

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