• Smart Gift the our assembly workshop professional workers are specialized in the adhesion of acrylic the use of adhesives offers many advantages over binding techniques in so many year since 1990 start operating. Our work is recognized by the high quality we deliver and our attention to details to our customer to make them satisfied with our works specially for acrylic joining techniques one of our master piece. one of our workshop works can make acrylic joining pasting to make it build high quality products or piece. An adhesive is any substance applied to the surfaces of materials and its primary use it to bind them together. It can be in a form of paste.

Advantage of Glue Joining

  • Ability to join dissimilar materials
  • Fast and cheap joining technique
  • Provides design convenience and flexibility
  • Sealing properties (adhesive fills gaps and voids)
  • Provides thin and invisible joint
Solvent Glue Joining

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